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To fully understand the effectiveness of dieselSprint® in improving the overall performance of Diesel internal combustion engines, it is essential to briefly mention the main parameters that affect the characteristics of these engines. The fuels used in compression ignition engines (Diesel engines) are low volatility, so they must be injected directly into the cylinder in the form of a droplet spray. Thanks to a vigorous mixing with the air and possible interaction with the hot walls of the combustion chamber, they can partially vaporize and be brought into contact with the oxygen in the cylinder and develop combustion. An efficient injection system must ensure:

  • the amount of fuel required by the load and the speed of the engine
  • the uniformity of its distribution for each cycle at all cylinders
  • timing of the optimum injection period for each load condition and regime
  • correct fuel flow injected relative to the pressure gradients in the acceptable cylinder
  • Spray characteristics (such as spraying, penetration, diffusion of the jet) that can achieve a satisfactory mixing with the air.

Constant use of dieselSprint® allows you to maintain all the components of the engine power supply circuit (ie, fuel pump, injection circuit, injectors) in perfect efficiency, thus optimizing the combustion process. The tests and the experience gained in about 20 years of development have enabled us to say that a regular use of dieselSprint® results in almost total absence of carbonaceous residues in engine power systems, enabling:

  • Improvement of the operating economy.
  • Corrosion protection.
  • Drastic reduction of carbon deposits in the combustion chamber.
  • Increased lubrication power of low-sulfur gasolines.
  • Possibility to keep any traces of water present in the fuel tank suspended
  • Cleaning, lubricating and protecting the pump and injectors.
  • Reduce smoke, noise and optimize consumption.
  • Reduction of pump and injector wear.
  • Improvement of ignition and cold start.
  • Compatibility with all exhaust systems.

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