Our history begins in 1986, when it was founded the Lubrificanti Speciali s.a.s. The founding member Pietro Capogreco, an expert in industrial lubrication, founded it when this company was just a dream, an idea. Pietro Capogreco has dedicated his life to the research and development of innovative products in the field of industrial lubrication and in the automotive sector.

His teachings are for those who today make up this company a source of stimulation and inspiration.

For this reason, we want to dedicate this page to Pietro. To allow all those who will visit to get to know the one who made possible what everyone thought impossible, one who has never stopped working and engaging in what he believed in.

Il papà di cp lubrificanti pietro capogreco

Pietro Capogreco

Noi siamo il tuo lascito,tu la nostra forza.Grazie Pietro!